Preparation Course

The main mission of the Prep Course at our boarding schools in New York is to strengthen students’ English level and confidence, and to provide a smooth transition to full-time academic study in English. This specially designed curriculum equips students with the vocabulary, reading and communication skills that will empower them to excel in the rigorous high school programs taught at our international schools.

Prep Course Overview

  • Academic Requirements

    At least Grade 8. The Prep Course can be taken before Grades 9, 10 and 11.

  • English Requirements

    Your English level will determine if you enroll in the Prep Course for one or two terms.

  • Locations

    New York, US

  • Program Length

    1-2 terms

  • Results

    A solid foundation of academic English that prepares you to enroll in high school level programs.

Prep Course Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundation for secondary level academic study in the US, regardless of the education system they currently follow. In this course, you will improve your general language ability, including grammar, reading and communication skills, and gain academic language proficiency that prepares you to take high school level classes. You will also have access to all clubs and activities offered on campus.

EF Academy New York:

- Reading, Critical Reading
- Writing, Academic Writing
- Communication
- Grammar
- English Language

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